Losing (and Finding) My Religion

I was raised Catholic. The kind of Catholic where blind acceptance is expected and questioning is frowned upon.

My fondest childhood memories of church were the weekly dinners at Kay’s Kitchen that we would attend afterwards where I would insist I was grown up enough for the entire portion of the chicken dinner but never was.

I also remember the pew that my mom and grandparents sat in and the view of the pulpit that it provided. We went every Saturday at 4:30 pm and some additional days throughout the year, the Holy Days of Obligation.

My baptism and first communion were rites of passage that were made on my behalf and when I was finally old enough for confirmation, the one rite of passage that should have been my decision, the decision to do so was also made on my behalf. Continue reading


I’m a WAHM, an acronym I wasn’t even aware of until a few months ago, a work from home mother. In my case, I work part time approximately 20 hours per week.

When people find this out their reactions run the gamut from “You’re so lucky, I would love to work from home” to “How do you do it? Seriously when do you have the time?”

While I can’t speak for every parent who works from home, here are some of my thoughts on this current place in my life: Continue reading

Adoption Day

For the rest of our lives February 15, 2019 will always hold a special place in our hearts. It is the day that we officially, in the eyes of the law, became a family.

In the state of Texas, there is 6 month waiting period between the placement of a child and the official adoption date.

In some ways these 6 months are just like any other family’s experience: Continue reading

Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019!!

Today is the first day of the new year, a day that signifies a fresh slate in front of us. Well some of us. For others it is just a different date on the calendar but the same routine that consumes our day to day.

I fall somewhere in between. While I don’t set resolutions, I do solidify dreams into goals and attempt new ways to give myself a healthier mindset as I approach each day. 

Here are my goals for 2019 as well as a look back at my 2018 achievements and “growth opportunities” (as an old boss used to call them!): Continue reading

A NICU Thank You

September is Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness month. Until this year, my only knowledge of a NICU was what I saw portrayed in TV medical dramas. I had no idea of the reality of NICU life let alone that there was a month dedicated to promoting awareness.

That all changed on July 30th when my husband and I received a call from the adoption agency. We had been matched with a baby boy, our son. He had been born 2 days prior and was expected to be in the NICU for at least one week. One week turned into three of the most emotional and stressful weeks of our lives. The shining light through that period were the healthcare professionals who took care of our son and were there for us day and night.

We bought them some sweet treats and wrote a thank you card on our last day but we were still so in the thick of things that it was a brief thank you. I never had the opportunity to truly express how thankful we were. Now that the dust has settled a bit, I want to make sure they know the impact they had. Continue reading

The Call

As we celebrated another Monday in the books by lounging on the couch, my husband’s phone began to ring. He planned on ignoring it but I just happened to look down at my phone and saw that I had a missed call from the social worker at the adoption agency. Immediately my heart started beating faster and I told him to grab his phone. It was from the same number.

We knew our on-line profile had just went live but could someone have already seen it and picked us? Or did she just have a few more follow up questions for us? It had to be important to warrant an after hours call right?

He picked up the phone and put it on speaker. The first few seconds of pleasantries lasted for what seemed to be minutes! Finally, the often thought about but not truly internalized words were spoken, “You have been matched”. Continue reading

Coming Back From My Breaking Point

As I attempted to zip up my size 16 bridesmaid dress, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and barely recognized the person looking back.

6 months prior I had ordered the dress 2 sizes too big in hopes of being pregnant. Yet I wasn’t pregnant and was barely able to squeeze myself into a dress I would have been swimming in a year earlier.

To an outsider it may have appeared to be about my weight but my ever widening waistline was merely a side effect of my pain. I was broken physically, mentally and emotionally and had no idea how to recover. Continue reading

What’s in a Name?

One night, early in our marriage, my husband and I were talking about what our future child would be like. I remember it vividly since it was the first time an abstract idea was being discussed as an actual person. While we were years away from becoming parents, it was fun to talk about the possibility of a little Palmer.

What characteristics would they get from each of us? Would they have my full lips and his blue eyes? Would they be athletic like him or clumsy like me?

Our discussion soon turned to names and we starting throwing out potential options. Many were shot down for various reasons, the name of an ex, an annoying co-worker or any other random reason that didn’t sit well with the other person. Continue reading

Home Study and Interview Process – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Of all the components of the adoption process the home study/interview portion freaked me out the most.

I knew the background checks would come back clear and I was confident our friends and coworkers would write glowing references but the prospect of having a virtual stanger come into our home and ask us intimate questions was intimidating.

Our friends who had completed the process kept assuring us that it wasn’t nearly as scary as I was making it to be in my mind and said we would easily “pass”. In a major sense they were correct, after a visit to our home and two 1-on-1 interviews we were approved. Yet there were emotions that I went through that greatly impacted me. Here are the good, the bad and the “ugly” aspects of our home study process. Continue reading

Breakdown of Baby Items – Cost to Date

Alrighty here goes!

I want to stay on top of what the first year of our new addition is going to cost us and the best way for me to do that is to visually see where the money is going. Since we don’t know when we will welcome our baby home I’m starting with the very first baby item that we received. I say received because thankfully they won’t all be purchases (thank goodness for Buy Nothing groups!).

Continue reading