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Breakdown of Baby Items – Cost to Date

Alrighty here goes!

I want to stay on top of what the first year of our new addition is going to cost us and the best way for me to do that is to visually see where the money is going. Since we don’t know when we will welcome our baby home I’m starting with the very first baby item that we received. I say received because thankfully they won’t all be purchases (thank goodness for Buy Nothing groups!).

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Generosity of a Stranger

As we start the process of setting up the nursery we are being as fiscally prudent as possible. When I heard that Babies R’ Us was going out of business I thought it would a great time to find some great deals. I entered the store with high hopes and left with them dashed.

5% off baby toiletry items, 10% off strollers and 20% off bottles and accessories. A quick check of Amazon and Target told me, even with the discount, the prices were still higher at Babies R’ Us. Baby items are so expensive!! Continue reading

Baby on a Budget!

As first time parents, we are starting from scratch in the baby item department. Being adoptive parents, we have spent a lot of money before even welcoming home our new addition. Suffice to say we are feeling a little overwhelmed by the expense of everything.

My goal is to find a way to do a lot with a little (money wise) in the way of baby items. I plan to document what has been acquired and the cost of each item. If there is a fun story about an item I will share that as well.

This is a great way for me to stay accountable and hopefully you will find it fun to follow along and maybe pick up a tip or two!