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Coming Back From My Breaking Point

As I attempted to zip up my size 16 bridesmaid dress, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and barely recognized the person looking back.

6 months prior I had ordered the dress 2 sizes too big in hopes of being pregnant. Yet I wasn’t pregnant and was barely able to squeeze myself into a dress I would have been swimming in a year earlier.

To an outsider it may have appeared to be about my weight but my ever widening waistline was merely a side effect of my pain. I was broken physically, mentally and emotionally and had no idea how to recover. Continue reading

Our Journey Part 2 – Deciding on Adoption

Prior to us attending the adoption seminar, I had made an appointment with a Catholic fertility expert. With the Catholic fertility clinic, there would be no IUI or IVF options. Their goal was to get to the root of the problem rather than work around the problem.

This meant more testing and learning the Creighton Model of observing and charting cycles. The doctor we consulted with said it could take months to truly figure out what was going on. Due to the fact that I had lost a fallopian tube, I knew my chances were lower but we were never told the reason for the dismal approximation of a 3% fertility rate. The next step would be to attend a class on the Creighton Model. Continue reading

Our Journey Part 1 – Infertility

To be completely truthful, growing up I never dreamed about becoming a mother. My dreams consisted of building my career, traveling, falling in love and living for the moment. When my husband and I got married we didn’t try to prevent a pregnancy but we weren’t actively trying either. We were married 3 years before I became pregnant.

My initial reaction was disbelief. Ready or not, we were going to be parents.

Disbelief soon morphed into excitement, I was going to be a mom! Our excitement was short lived. The same day that I bought my first maternity outfit was the day that the bottom fell out. Continue reading